An effective IT solution for any healthcare organization enhances patient care while helping you maintain compliance within your industry. At PC Quest, we know your IT should focus on two main goals

  1. Keeping all employees productive in a way that allows for premium patient care.
  2. Ensuring private health information remains protected and secure against outside threats.

PC Quest specializes in providing IT services for healthcare organizations, allowing you to provide top quality patient care while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Our IT support plans

  • Minimize Downtime

    You have absolutely no room for downtime when it comes to patients health. We keep downtime minimized by proactively maintaining your systems monitoring for problems and performing regular maintenance to prevent unexpected issues

  • Adhere to HIPAA regulations

    Our extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry allows us to maintain HIPAA compliance by identifying risks and applying safety precautions that keep your employees focused on providing the best patient care.

  • Disaster Preparation

    We customize a backup and disaster recovery solution for you that you can trust to keep your business operating.

Industries Healthcare

Above everything else, we provide you an expert point of contact to help with all of your IT needs, eliminating any stress associated with your computer technology. Let PC Quest manage your IT so you can focus on what truly matters, taking care of your patients.