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The PC Quest team has carefully selected Sangoma as our hosted exclusive VoIP Phone System partner. Our partnership with Sangoma allows us to bring world-class VoIP phone solutions to all our clients around the tristate.

VoIP Phone System

Whether you are researching in anticipation of an upcoming purchase or simply to gain a higher understanding of VoIP providers this page will provide you everything you are looking for.  We begin by explaining the basic concepts of a VoIP Phone System. Then we will dive into many of the most sought after features in today’s VoIP Phone Systems.

What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol typically shortened to Voice Over IP or VoIP is the future of voice communications. Essentially, a hosted VoIP phone system uses your existing internet connection to provide you with a business VoIP phone service. VoIP service yields higher quality sound than traditional analog phones through a hybrid architectural design at budget-friendly pricing.

PC Quest VoIP solutions provide a reliable, cost-effective, and modern approach to upgrading any business phone system.

VoIP Features

VoIP Solutions offer a variety of features not found in your common business analog phone systems. These features include Caller ID, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, One-Touch Speed Dials, Presence Management, Chat, Video Conferencing, Softphone, Mobile App and Training and Support with a Lifetime Warranty.

VoIP Caller ID

Caller ID is one of the most basic features available in any phone system, as well as in your business VoIP phone system, yet it is still misunderstood. In its most basic form simply shows the recipient of the call the phone number or the caller. That sounds great but when you get that first call you will quickly find that you are still looking for more. What you want is to know who is calling, not the caller’s phone number.

To see the caller’s name or Business Name, one of two things must happen. The first option is to register your name with your service provider. This allows your service provider to display your name in place of your phone number for a customer with Caller ID. VoIP providers tend to have different registration processes, so contact your service rep for more information. The next option is creating a contact list. A contact list is a list of people that you call or that might call you. You would create this list directly on your phone. When someone calls that matches a phone number you have in your contact list the name from your contact list displays. Now that you understand the details of both options, you will likely find it valuable to take both approaches so you have the most information possible when your phone rings next.

VoIP Phone System - Caller ID
VoIP Phone System - Voicemail

VoIP Voicemail Service

The first working voicemail came into existence in the 1930s. Voicemail has seen many improvements over time. The typically outdated Business Phone system includes voicemail but lacks the conveniences of current business VoIP phone systems. In today’s fast-paced business environment returning messages must be done as quickly as possible or you risk upsetting or losing customers to competitors.

To accomplish this goal, Sangoma phone systems offers customized options to ensure you get the most from your VoIP Solution. You can set up your office phone to automatically send your voicemails to email. Using the Sangoma mobile app, you can listen to your voicemails directly from the app. In another scenario, you can eliminate the need for a separate voicemail all together by using the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature. Find-Me-Follow-Me will be further discussed in a later portion of this article.

VoIP Voicemail to Email

VoIP Voicemail to Email is a simple but very useful tool. When a voicemail has been received the messages are saved as a Wav file. Then the file is attached to an email and automatically sent to the email address of your choice. Once received you can simply click on the attachment and it will begin playing. This has become a simple favorite of so many busy professionals of today because of the quick and easy access.  This is just one more way our VoIP Solution ensures you have the right tools to serve your customers!

VoIP Phone System - Voicemail to Email
VoIP Phone System - Speed Dials

VoIP Phones with One-Touch Speed Dials

With the Yealink T4 and T5 series Voice Over IP phone system, you can get up to 26 one-touch speed dials on select models. These speed dials can be configured to provide quick one-touch access to any phone number, not just internal extensions. The Yealink T46 and the new VP59 both provide space for 24 independent speed dials. To access all the speed dials on the T46 requires toggling to a second screen. The VP59 has a large enough screen to display all the speed dials at one time. The T48 and T57 both have large color touch screens that provide space for 26 independent speed dials. In addition to the One-Touch Speed Dials, all Yealink VoIP phones have a phone book option that provides quick access to all internal extensions.

Sangoma’s Presence Management

The logical progression of the One-Touch Speed Dials is Sangoma’s Presence Management. Sangoma’s Presence Management features are available on all desk phones. Presence Management is also available in Windows-based software and mobile application. It uses color-coded indicators to show who is on the phone, whose phone is dialing or ringing, and who is out of the office – all at a glance.

The desk phone and the software application will display an avatar next to each speed dial. The Avatar will change color based on what the user is doing. A green Avatar indicates the user’s Voice Over IP phone is not in use. A red Avatar indicates the user’s VoIP phone is on a call. When the avatar turns yellow you know the user’s Voice Over IP phone is ringing and when the Avatar turns blue the user is making an outgoing call. The Presence Management only works for internal extensions. External speed dials will display with a white avatar. This simple color code allows for a quick overview of the status of all users with VoIP phones on your system.

VoIP Phone System - Presence Management

Green = Available     Red = On a Call     White = External User

Sangoma’s Team Hub

Team Hub is Sangoma’s latest software first released in Q1 of 2021. It is designed to bring all of Sangoma’s collaboration tools together in one location.  Team Hub is specifically designed to help with the increasing need for employees to be able to work from home.  The collaboration tools include StarChat, Star Video Meetings, and StarScope which includes the softphone application with the built in Presence Management feature.

Star2Star - Team Hub
  • Chat capabilities are built-in to the Team Hub platform
    • Chat with one or several colleagues at once
    • Continue a previously archived chat session
    • Open chats in a separate tear-off window
  • Video Conferencing
    • Online Meeting Accessibility with Any Device
    • Supports Web, Full HD Video & Dial-in Users
    • Personal Meeting Room IDs For All Registered Users
    • Robust Scheduling
  • Desktop Softphone
    • Answer, Hold, and Transfer Calls, Voice Conferencing, & Voicemail.
    • Complete Unified Communications System
    • Workforce Flexibility, Cost Savings, Efficiency, & Incredible Functionality

Share and collaborate with files and other content

Use built-in workflow tools to streamline your daily activities

Core Integration with Office 365 Contacts, Calendar, and OneDrive

Core Integration with Google Contacts, Calendar, and Drive

VoIP Mobile App

All Sangoma users with a user with a valid license qualify to use the Mobile App with no additional fees. The mobile app is available both on Apple (IOS) devices as well as Android devices through the appropriate app store. This App ensures your remote workforce is connected with the tools they need whether they are in the office, on the road, or working from home.

  • Softphone calls can be placed over 3G/4G networks
  • Works in conjunction with the Presence Management
  • Favorites List allows fast dialing of frequently called numbers
  • Contacts List Integration for calls outside your organization
  • Dedicated Voicemail
  • Built in call Transfer
  • Conference Calling for on-the-fly meetings

Training and Support with a Lifetime Warranty

Our expert techs at PC Quest are here to help you every step of the way when considering a new VoIP Phone System. From the initial informational and planning meetings to an on-site demonstration, installation, training, and white-glove support after the install.

With more than 25 years serving the IT needs of the Tri-State our Managed IT service team is here to help.  When you combine our expert support team with Sangomas’s Lifetime Warranty you simply can’t find a better value. 

The PC Quest Managed IT Services team not only provides support for VoIP Solutions and VoIP Phones, the PC Quest team is also here for your other computer related support needs including items like PC’s, Laptops, Firewalls, Switches, Servers, Wireless Equipment, Hosted Solutions and pretty much anything else that connects to your network.

For more information message us here.

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