High Availability Systems & Solutions

HIgh Availability Redundancy

Minimize Server Downtime With Customized High Availability Solutions

A high availability solution refers to a software-based approach designed to minimize server downtime by rapidly restoring essential services when a system, application or component fails. While this restoration process is not immediate, services are restored quickly. High availability systems are an effective solution for businesses that must have their systems restored quickly but can withstand a brief interruption in the event of a failure.

Ensure that you’re picking the best high availability solutions that you can. You’ll also need efficient cluster software for high availability systems, which is the software that manages servers grouped together in order to provide continuous availability and eliminate any points of failure.

At PC Quest, our expert techs analyze your data recovery needs and create customized high availability solutions for every client that provides a complete, long-term solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Availability Systems

What are high availability systems and how do they reduce downtime?

High availability systems are software systems designed to minimize server downtime by rapidly restoring essential services when a system, application, or component fails.

What that means to you as a business owner is that PC Quest works diligently to provide customized business solutions that reduce downtime with the use of either additional hardware or a software failover when backups in a system fail or become compromised.

What is high availability vs redundancy – Which should you choose?

High availability systems are specifically designed on a per customer basis to minimize server downtime and get applications up as soon as possible after failure. Whether that is the utilization of additional firewalls, switches, or replication servers. This is normally something physical like a second server or RAID array storage.

Redundancy Systems use additional hardware or software as a backup when main applications or systems fail. PC Quest offers a product called Veeam, which backs up data both locally and to the cloud. This ensures that the users see little or no downtime if a piece of hardware or software fails.

How is fault tolerance achieved in high availability solutions?

To ensure fault tolerance in high availability systems, admins must keep two or more workload instances in sync, meaning that changes in one instance are implemented in the other instance automatically. Replication is a service we provide here at PC Quest to ensure your data is in sync.