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Network Security Services Helps Prevent Cyber Attacks

You may not realize it but your network is constantly under attack. Every single day hackers, viruses, malware and much more are waiting for an opportunity to penetrate your network. Successful network breaches ultimately result in downtime for your business and profit loss. Having network security firewall protection not only means your data is safe but that you can continue to run your daily business operations and protect your reputation.

What is Network Firewall Security and How Does it Work?

Network security protection is essentially a set of configurations designed to protect the accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity of a computer network. An effective network firewall protection strategy manages access to a network by targeting threats and stopping them from entering the network.

Network security management consists of multiple layers of defense, each implementing controls and policies to block malicious attacks. Some types of network security include access control, antivirus software, data loss prevention, email security, firewalls, VPN and web security.

The Importance of Firewalls and Network Security

A firewall is one of the foundations of network security protection. Firewalls inspect all the data flowing in and out of a network to ensure the traffic is legitimate. A properly configured firewall allows users to access all resources they require while blocking any threat attempts. At PC Quest, we highly endorse SonicWALL’s firewalls and network security solutions. SonicWALL products are the industry’s leading brand of network security products and solutions, providing advanced threat protection and streamlined performance. We have the highest certification offered by SonicWALL and you can rest easy knowing your network is monitored by a Certified SonicWALL Security Professional.

Network Security

Is your network safe?

  • Antivirus

    Do you have a trusted antivirus program that can be managed from your server? This costs about $40 per computer per year and has a single interface that will summarize the protection of all computers in your network. It will show you which computers are protected and which are not, which have had viruses, what the viruses were, if they were removed or are still there and when this all occurred. A properly managed antivirus will save 20 percent or more in virus removals and in downtime.

  • Firewall

    Do you have a properly configured commercial or enterprise level network firewall protection? If it was purchased off the shelf at a big box store the chances of having adequate protection are slim. Depending on your network size and Internet bandwidth requirements, most small to mid-size businesses will invest between $400 and $1,800 on a good firewall. It is the single most important piece of equipment in the network security equation. You should strongly consider a UTM (unified threat management) device with firewall level antivirus, website blocking, intrusion detection and prevention. Some can even be specifically configured to prevent viruses such as the Cryptolocker, which encrypts your files and cannot be undone without a decryption key.

  • Spam Filtration

    Is your company using a high-quality Spam Filtration service? Email is one of the main ways viruses are introduced into a computer network. A high quality properly configured spam filtration service can help keep a lot of viruses from ever making it into your network.

  • Computer-Use Policy

    Do you have a company-wide “computer-use policy” in place? This should advise your staff what proper Internet use is and what the repercussions are for abuse. When adhered to these policies can save you 40 percent on unnecessary computer repairs.

  • Passwords

    Does your network require you to change passwords periodically? Does your network require strong passwords? This can be a pain but it’s absolutely necessary to ensure a safe network.

If you answered “no” to any of the above, your network is vulnerable and you should contact your IT vendor immediately to discuss corrective measures.

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