What Are The Main Commercial Cloud Services Offered by PC Quest?

Cloud Services

Peace Of Mind For Your Business With Our Cloud Computing Services

At PC Quest, we offer several cloud computing services including Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Hosted QuickBooks, and Offsite Backups. Each of these options offer advanced security for additional peace of mind for your business. We help you choose the cloud services best suited for your business, while taking the time to explain your options and the benefits of these services. We also highlight the cost savings to determine the solutions that satisfy your needs at the best value.

  • Office 365 Cloud Services

    Office 365 provides employees easy and secure access to all Office programs from any device. PC Quest is a Microsoft Authorized Partner allowing us the ability to provide these cloud computing services. This enables you to use Microsoft’s best in class service with the local support you have come to know and trust. With shared calendars on mobile devices and One Drive access, Office 365 integrates onsite and cloud-based programs so you can capitalize on your existing technology.

    As a “Value Added Reseller”, PC Quest works to fill in the gaps left by other providers. With PC Quest, you get additional services such as Office 365 backups (not provided by Microsoft), which help to protect your company’s important data without any added hardware on your end.

  • Hosted Exchange Cloud Services

    Hosted Exchange cloud-based services are comparable to Office 365 in features and price. Because we host this software, you receive local service and support to ensure your business stays up and running at all times. We also offer daily backups of your data in case of corruption or data loss, so you can rest easy knowing PC Quest is there in any event.

    You can read more about the differences between Hosted Exchange and Office 365 here.

  • Hosted Quickbooks Commercial Cloud Services

    Hosted QuickBooks is a great option for any QuickBooks user needing remote access to their company data. It’s also a good option for current QuickBooks Pro or Premier customers needing to upgrade to Enterprise on a budget. Our extreme security measures keep your data safe over a Site-to-Site VPN or SSL VPN Connection. PC Quest’s Hosted QuickBooks commercial cloud services include data management options, such as daily backups. This ensures your data is always protected and eliminates your need for server hardware, maintenance, updates, and repairs all for one low monthly price.

  • Cloud Backup Services

    Cloud file backups offer benefits and features for both physical and virtual servers. Cloud file backups are offsite data security solutions with encryption options you can control. These cloud services boast the benefit of same-day emergency recovery that only a local company can provide. PC Quest offers these cloud services competitively priced against all national providers with the advantage of superior local support whenever you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Services

What are cloud services?

Cloud services involve various services that are delivered on-demand to businesses and customers through the internet. Cloud-based services provide simple and affordable access to numerous apps and online resources without internal infrastructure or hardware.

What is a cloud service provider?

A provider of cloud computing services is a company that offers one or more services that make use of the cloud. Customers that use these cloud-based services only pay for the specific services that they utilize, saving money in the process.

What are the main types of cloud services offered by PC Quest?

The four main cloud services offered by PC Quest are Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Hosted QuickBooks, and Cloud Backups.