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With remote work growing in popularity in recent years, hacking and cyber crimes are on the rise. As more employees are working from home or off-site, email spam services have become a vital tool in combating spam and phishing attacks. 

Don’t let phishing attempts or malware downloads creep into your company’s network. Email spam protection services are essential to prevent hackers from compromising your computer’s security. With our secure email spam filtering service, you can add another layer of safety to your company’s systems.

PC Quest can help protect your company’s network/ with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.

Protect Your Network With the Barracuda Email Security Gateway

Your email is one of the most susceptible digital assets to viruses and phishing attempts. In fact, in 2018, 45.3% of all email traffic included spam. In 2021, more than 84% of cyber attacks came via email. 

In your business, keeping your data and files secure is pivotal. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway can ensure your company’s productivity remains unaffected by attacks. With the Barracuda spam filter, your system can block potentially malicious emails, such as spam, malware or phishing attempts, before they ever reach your inbox. 

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway protects organizations from email threats and data leaks by filtering and managing all email traffic, stopping threats before they hit the network, protecting sensitive data and ensuring continuous email availability so your business operations can function efficiently.

Email Spam Filtration

Barracuda Email Security Training

Another key factor in protecting against email threats is the proper education for employees in your business. While the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is an effective tool in blocking those email threats, it’s important that email users at your company know what to watch for when opening emails. 

Our team at PC Quest not only provides the expertise when it comes down to the actual management of Barracude Spam Protection, but we also offer training seminars for businesses who are serious about educating their employees. Our team of experts will train you and your employees to understand how the Barracuda security suite works so you can utilize the Barracuda Spam Protection to its full potential. 

Barracuda email security training is just one of the many services we offer our customers. If you need on-site repair services or managed IT services, PC Quest is just a click away.