Data Recovery

Data Recovery

From Simple To Complex Data Loss Situations

In the event of a disaster, recovering your data is imperative. With the right back-up solutions in place, recovering your data is simple, painless process. If it’s too late for that, we’re here to help. With PC Quest on your side, there is hope! We offer data recovery services handled specifically by career specialists. We handle all types of failed media devices from simple to the most complex data loss situations. If we can’t do it, it probably can’t be done!

With PC Quest on your side, there is hope in recovering those lost files!

There is nothing more unimaginable than losing the moments of your life that you cherish the most. Things like wedding photos, your child’s birth, the day you graduated college… or even your lifelong music collection or financial records. Our first suggestion is to CONSTANTLY backup your data! If it’s already too late for that, we’re here to help. With PC Quest on your side, there is hope in recovering those lost files!

An initial diagnostic fee of $75 is taken at the time the device is dropped off and is applied towards the total cost of the extraction.

  • Speed & Convenience

    We offer same day and next day rush repairs for those who need their devices back as soon as possible.

  • We Fix Any Computer

    No matter where your computer was purchased, we can help.

  • Experienced

    Our techs have experience with all types of computers and operating systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The list is long, but essentially anything that has a hard drive. Our career specialists can retrieve data from all types of failed media devices, including all brands and models of laptops, desktops, SD cards, USB drives, external hard drives, cameras, & more! (Excludes mobile devices)

We try to salvage all data if possible, including music, photos, files, etc.

The short answer is, it varies. Your project is started within 3 days of us receiving the device and can take up to 2 weeks depending on a variety of factors.

Depending on the amount of data recovered, it will be saved to an external hard drive or USB. You can supply your own drive in advance or purchase one from us.

Backups! Keep all of your data backed up to an external hard drive or the Cloud. All devices will fail at some point, the only way to ensure you’re keeping those files safe is to back them up often.

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