Why should I trust my technology to PC Quest?

PC Quest is one of the few technology companies in the tristate that has stayed the course, there are hundreds of companies that have came and gone with the promise of better and cheaper service but only a handful have lasted 20 years or more.  The reason PC Quest has not only survived but thrived for so many years is our constant commitment to improvement.  We strive to have the friendliest, best trained employees the tristate has to offer.  When you have the best people you can provide a high quality service experience for the customer.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensure we not only meet but exceed our clients expectations.

When should I call for service? Is it worth it?

We understand that no mater how small a problem it can be very frustrating so we have created a environment that will allows us to help with all issues not just the big stuff.  When you call our office we will assess your issue and if you have a need for in office work we will not waste your time on the phone we simply work to fine a time that works best for you so we can resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. On the other had if you have a simpler issue we will jump right into walking you though the steps needed to get you back up and running.  If its more convenient we offer our very own secure remote connection option so one of our technicians can connect into your computer while we one the phone to correct your issue immediately.

Why spend money on Anti-Virus software when I can get it free?

There are a lot of free Anti-Virus software packages, most all Virus Protection Software manufactures offer some version of their product for free.  The free version of these software packages are all lacking some important components, from active scanning, software firewall, or malware protection. Symantec Virus Protection provides unrivaled security, blazing performance, and smarter management across both physical and virtual machines to protect against mass malware, targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats without compromising performance or business.  Symantec is no longer just for the large corporate network anymore we sell a full version for 39.99 per computer per year, that’s less than the off the shelf software from the big box stores.

My computer is slow, what can I do?

There are a lot of things that can slow down a computer like spyware, malware and viruses.  To often people get frustrated with their computers and simply go buy a new one when a simple tune up would save quite a bit of money in the long run.  First you must determined if the computer is even this issue the problem could be with your network or internet connection.  Once its determined that your computer is the problem PC Quest can check your system to see what the best options are.  We can run a simple tune up to remove viruses and unneeded programs, upgrade the systems ram, or install a new solid state hard drive to get your computer running faster than it did the first day it came out of the factory.

When is it time to replace my computer?

Depending on your computer hardware you could get anywhere from 3-8 year or more out of a computer so how do you know the right time to replace.  We can help answer this question with a quick evaluation of your hardware, many times we can do this over the phone with you at no cost.  The life span of your computer is dictated by the equipment it has installed if you purchase a cheep $300.00 computer off the shelf at a big box store you are probably buying 10 year old technology and you will notice very quickly that the performance is probably not what you were expecting.  If however you purchased a machine with better equipment you probably paid more for it originally but you will get a much longer life out of the device.  There are many factors used to determine if your computer is still up to the task such as what you use the system for, what operating system is it running, how much memory and how much hard drive space your system has.  We would be happy to talk you though a few question to see if your system is still meets your computing needs.